We Are First Apostolic Church of Tyler

First Apostolic Church is a place to Gather, Grow and Go!

Gather. Growing number of people gather at FAC each week. This includes those who have been a part of the FAC community for years and others who have discovered FAC recently. Come join a community where everyone is welcomed and everyone is invited to take a meaningful role. Significant things are happening when FAC gathers and you are invited to be a part!

Grow. There is great purpose in our gathering together at FAC. It’s about growth. For those who need a fresh start, there is the new birth experience (John 3:3-7, Acts 2:38). This new birth is the starting point for growing a new life. Wherever you are on the journey of life and faith, there is the opportunity to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Come grow with us . . . in relationship and in service to God and your fellow man!

Go. Jesus Christ left those who would be his disciples with a great commission. He said that we were to “go” with the gospel. The Holy Spirit was poured out so that we would be witnesses . . . in our neighborhoods, our communities, and even to the far-flung points of the globe! (Acts 1:8) Join us as we go with the gospel that transforms lives. Let’s affect our city and our world for Jesus Christ!